Euforia Ink Empire remains focused on integrity and quality, even as the business continues to grow in size and reputation. Recognized as industry leaders, moving the needle and continuing to push the art form are part of Euforia Ink’s DNA. Dedication to our core values have shaped us into the tattooers we are today. The professional artists at Euphoria Ink Empire are hand-selected from all over the world and specialize in many styles, including Japanese, American traditional, black and gray, and realism. We thrive on creating unique and original works of art.


Euphoria Ink Empire is equal parts art and cutting edge technology. We combine creativity with modern craftsmanship to create one of a kind tattoos tailored for each individual. Collectively we strive to advance the art form.


Basic tattoos offer some consultation with the client, a wider number of colors, and about an hour of work with an artist. These are not generally custom-designed tattoos, but may include some customization of existing designs. The price for this service will be R R700 at launch.


Full sessions allow creative freedom for the artist to create customization of a design or an original design for a customer and freedom for the customer to know that there is a ceiling on the price he or she will pay. The price for these sessions will be R1200 at launch.


Our piercing earrings are individually packaged, sterilized and meet or exceed FDA guidelines. We wear only single use gloves and all our equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each use.

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul

Our Work

View below a selection of the work performed by our artists. Our work speaks for itself.


Our Prices are a guide only, we can accommodate most individual requests.

R 700 / Hour
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R 1200 / Hour
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R 100 / Set
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It's super easy to make an appointment and everyone who works here is so nice. A convenient location, clean supplies, beautiful jewelry, and great tattoo artists to boot. Affordable pricing and friendly staff contribute to a wonderful experience.

41 Koraalboom Street, Heiderand, Mosselbay, South Africa


+27 61 153 8570

+27 76 770 7525